23rd July 2018 – Oooookay. So I have some dumb news in regards to Anklebyters.

I am needing to take a break away from webcomics as it is gobbling up my life and I cannot juggle everything on my plate, so Anklebyters is going on an hiatus until I am ready to focus on it again in a good few years time. I plan to fully reboot the comic then and will remove the pages that are currently uploaded. I was trying to make Anklebyters link up to another comic I had running at the time called Ghostgrub but it just wasn’t practical, the beginning was super messy. I have fully rewritten up the beginning of the story to make it not so complicated.

Sorry that I have to do this guys, but I feel it’s best to get this done while the comic is still fairly new and before we get into the meat and gravy of the comics story.