11th April 2018 – Oooookay. So I have some good news, then some bad news, and some more good news!

The first good news is that I have recently gotten a new job which is AWESOME. Hooray!

The bad news is that that new job is going to gobble up much of my time as I learn to push my art skills a lot to improve for the long run and this is going to greatly affect how much time I can spend doing Little Anklebyters.
Once this chapter of Little Anklebyters is completed I am going to put it on a hiatus for an unknown period of time, BUT this is not going to be the end of updates for it (see the other good news below). And to be honest, I am scared of Anklebyters becoming another one of those comics which slows down and eventually burns out just because it’s running out of comic pages in it’s buffer which has been the case with the end of this chapter due to just general life stuff getting in the way. I want the pages to be looking their best and not rushed, and at the moment I feel I am rushing them out to meet the upload deadlines.
So, during this time of hiatus I am going to work on a massive, MASSIVE buffer for Little Anklebyters, possible for the whole first volume (that’s about 100 pages or so) while also working on improving anatomy, facial expressions, perspective and even things such as how to make the batlings ears look more natural and not so stiff.

But the other good news is that if you support me on Patreon, you will get early access to all the pages I make for the buffer as I complete them, including behind the scenes stuff. So that could mean that $1 a month patrons could potentially be 100 pages or so ahead of the comic on the actual website.  @_@
The only downside for patrons is that I can’t exactly say when each new page will be completed due to my new job, so we’ll have to go with the flow on that.

Sorry that I have to do this guys, but I feel it’s best to get this done while the comic is still fairly new and before we get into the meat and gravy of the comics story.