Just so you know, we offer several other kinds of commissions apart from Little Anklebyters. Click on the banner below to have a nosy!

Please note that all prices for all commissions are in US Dollars.

Below are the commissions we are currently offering for Little Anklebyters, ranging from standard commissions where we draw you as a tiny vampire to special commissions where you can be drawn as a character that will appear in the comic. These commissioned characters will help push the story forward and won’t necessarily be other vampires, they could be anything! Even a monster! These comic appearance commission spots are going to be first in first serve! We will announce that these spots are open via Twitter and on this page (see the big image directly below all this text.

IMPORTANT NOTES: I have a limited number of spots available in the comic for commissioned characters at any given time, so check back here even now and again to see if any slots are available! I also cannot do any copyrighted characters as tiny vampires. For example, I can’t draw Mario or Sonic tiny vampire, sorry!

Here are the commissions I am currently offering-