Hey everyone! Thanks for all the interest in Little Anklebyters so far, we’ve really been overwhelmed by the response to be honest and it’s gotten us so excited to get this story motivated!

On that note, Tasha and I have been diving deep into the overall story and trying to work out how to incorporate a pick-your-own-adventure gaming aspect into it, we know we can do this but found a few issues with this:

1) it’s impossible for us to create a buffer (something that is SACRED)
2) this means less updates, which can cause the story and work flow to become stagnant
3) This is a LOT of work and we need to be realistic. Along side Beefpaper, Ghostgrub, Tethered and Hoi Butt we are reaching our limit already
4) we already have an interactive comic that crosses over – so trying to incorporate two game comics is INSANE (We were a bit too ambitious and we are at fault here)

So we’ve concluded that it would be best for us to focus on making Little Anklebyters as awesome as we can, give you longer and regular updates, and allow readers to interact with Little Anklebyters in two ways – 1) through Ghostgrub and 2) through commissions (readers will get the chance to be in the Little Anklebyters world.)
Sorry about this you guys, but it’s something we gotta do <3