Little Anklebyters is an comic following three vampire siblings (known as batlings) who are on a quest to find their lost brother, Davey, and bring him home.

Chicken Wing is a vicious, heroic little fighter who have vowed to slay anything that is evil. She wears the skull of an evil skeleton who tried to slay her mother when she was still in the whom. She seems to always hold onto a semi-eaten chicken drumstick of an evil chicken she also slayed several years ago.

Spud is the runt of his litter and is therefore not to bright or very tough, but he tries to do the best he can. He has a little wooden sword his he has named ‘Daddy’ which he charges into battle with his big sister Chicken Wing. He constantly needs to wear a little jumper to keep himself warm as he has not yet grown any fur, just having a few scraggy hairs.

Nyte is a quiet little vampire who keeps to himself most of the time. Spud considers him his best friend, even though Nyte doesn’t really show any real direct interest of being his friend. He only really shows compassion when it comes to feeding (where he usually goes a little crazy/feral) or when Spud or Chicken Wing are in great danger, during which he also goes VERY feral on the threat.